About Me

This page is designed to tell you all about me by showing you Chris Bicourt’s diverse interests. Take a look and if there’s anything else you’d like to know about me, please get in touch.


In my capacity as a professional digital marketer, I help businesses to grow their revenue and promote their brand. Through both an intuitive and data-driven understanding of audience behaviour, I create and implement strategies that scale fast. I figure out what works, what doesn’t and what needs to be tweaked in order to evolve into a better model. To learn more about my professional experience, check out my LinkedIn (Chris Bicourt – Marketing Consultant and Content Writer).


A few years ago I went through a fashion revelation. It all started when a young and trendy friend of mine came up to me and asked me “Why are your jeans so 90s?”. At that point I made a decision. Instead of telling him to get lost, I asked a question which would change my life forever: “What do you mean?”. Well, he proceeded to tell me. That led to more questions and more discussion, and a few days later I was going shopping with him.

Over the next few weeks I learnt so much about the true meaning and significance of fashion. It wasn’t just something superficial as I had thought before. I learnt the rules of men’s style and how to break them. Absorbing every bit of info I could from men’s fashion blogs to YouTube style influencers, I was mentored by a small group of fashion-savvy close friends. Through a WhatsApp group, they would veto my choices if I was out shopping by myself! Very soon I was buying more clothes than I had space to store…but it was well worth it. And I looked good! I started to get compliments. It was a real buzz. Since then I’ve helped many guys to up their style game. It has given them more confidence, more success in dating and generally a more fulfilling life.


Now Brazilian Samba isn’t something you hear about every day. Most people have no idea what it is. They know a little bit about Brazil, and know that the Rio de Janeiro carnival is huge. But for me its an insanely exhilarating and fascinating phenomena. It mobilises huge numbers of people and in Brazil it’s almost as big as football! The creativity, skill and art that goes into the Rio Carnival is immense. Not to mention the history which is just as rich. But all of it is tied together through the term, Samba. Outside of Brazil, most people know this as a dance, or music genre. But it’s so much more than that – it’s a cultural phenomenon.


Now when I say gaming, as in video / computer games, I can tell you now, it’s not quite about what you think. I don’t sit for hours in front of a console or PC playing the games. Instead what interests me is the art of game design. In particular the storytelling. If a game doesn’t have a good plot, I’m not interested. I love the way a good video game is capable of drawing you into it’s world by immersing you in the experience. I have a particular affinity for games that draw on existing mythos, whether that be mythology, folklore, history, or fantasy worlds created by successful authors. One thing I find always let’s me down though, is the writing. It kills me when dialogue between characters is predictable or clich├ęd. Unfortunately, a lot of it is these days, even when the overall plot is good.

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